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Jason O'Neil
From the Desk of Jason O’Neil
Jacksonville, FL

Dear Friend, 

Have you ever looked at someone who is successful in their line of work or business, and thought to yourself “If THAT person can do it so can I?” 

I’m writing to you today for 2 reasons: 

1. I have something very important to tell you and I want to make sure you pay attention,  

2. And secondly, what I’m writing about concerns ways you can make “life changing” money.

Here’s what it’s all about: Recently you downloaded a free guide called “The Amazon Sellers Toolbox”  

Inside that free download I told you about the very best tools/software I have been using to help me successfully run an 8 figure (10+ Million Dollars in Sales) Amazon store. 

Ok, so that’s why I’m writing. I realize the toolbox on its own might not help you put everything together so I’ve assembled a course designed for beginners to start learning how to start actually making money on Amazon in as quick of a time frame as possible.   

If you are interested in creating a sustainable, long term business that spits out cash-flow day after day, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read. 

Here is why:  

My name is Jason ONeil and not too long ago I was dead broke. I’m not talking about your typical broke. I’m talking about my unemployment benefits running out at the beginning of the new year broke and it’s December 12 with no clue how in the world I’m going to survive in a few weeks when what little money I have coming in dries up like the Sahara Desert. 

I’m talking about the kind of broke where I didn’t have a cell phone, TV, or car and my credit was completely shot because I couldn’t pay any of my bills broke. The kind that was about to put me out on the street kind of broke. I was the kind of broke that made me desperate for a better way of life. (I was sooooooo sick of being this broke and stressed)

Then one day I was sitting on the internet desperately looking for something that I could do from home that would quickly replace my unemployment income that was about to run out (which was only $1250 per month). I saw this one guy talking about how he was selling products on eBay that he was sourcing from Amazon. And he’d teach it to me for $20. 

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I bought his course and within a few days I made my first sale which gave me a “crazy idea” of trying to replace my unemployment income within the first month of doing this little business. It was either that or I would have: 

1. Been forced to move back into my parents house at 34 years old (bye bye dating life) 

2. Been homeless (bye bye everything)

3. Had to get a soul sucking job I hated (the other two were better options honestly)

I was literally the outcast of my “circle of friends”. They felt bad for how my life had been turning out for me as I was in my 30’s and I was supposed to be much more well established by that point of my life. They knew I had always done pretty much the opposite of what everyone else was doing and they thought I was just a dreamer who needed to come back down to earth.  

Maybe you aren’t as down on your luck as I was, but possibly you can relate to not quite fitting in with your friends who don’t have an entrepreneur bone in their bodies collectively… yes? 

I honestly didn’t care what my friends thought because my life it wasn’t their lives nor did I want to have their lives. Sure, they looked happy and all, but I didn’t want to settle for working just for the sake of paying my bills and then one day dying wondering where my life went. I was willing to roll the dice since the alternatives really weren’t very appealing. 

So, what I did was for the first time in my life I made a commitment to doing the one thing I knew could help pull me out of the hole. I sat at my computer and started trying to find products to sell where I could mark up and make a profit.  

I’d sit at my coffee table every single day for a few hours and I’d try to find products that were selling at one place (Amazon) for more than I could buy it for (Local Retailer)… but the key was I had no money so I couldn’t buy the product up front and then sell it… Nope… someone would have to buy it from me first, and then I’d have to buy and have it shipped to them. In other words, they would pre-pay me to purchase a product for them (kind of like a stock broker in a way where someone pays for another person to place a trade for them). 

Why would someone do this? Why would someone pay me to go somewhere they can easily place an order themselves and save the “service fee” I charge? 

The answer is simple… Most people just don’t shop around.  

Amazon currently has over 300 million very loyal shoppers… people simply go there, type in what they’re looking to buy, and then purchase. The vast majority of people just don’t go comparison shop whenever it’s right in front of them. 

Crazy enough, from my efforts or searching for products that I could mark up I started making a sale a day… then I would make 2 sales a day… then 3… then 4… then 5. 

By the end of my first full month doing this I was able to replace my unemployment income with the profits I was making from my Drop Shipping business.  

By the end of my second month I was profiting $100 per day. The end of my 3rd month I was profiting $200 per day (which was more than I would have made at a full time job). 

The bottom line is my “crazy idea” has paid off and I haven’t looked back ever since. I’ve gone on to make millions of dollars (10+ million and counting). But my results are nothing compared to the results of the people I’ve shared this with. 

In the last 2 years we collectively have processed 4,518,011 (and counting) transactions which has put tens of millions of dollars in the bank accounts of the people who have successfully applied my “crazy idea”. (these are my new friends) 

The thing is none of us have any special sales skills. We aren’t masters at marketing. We never have to get on the phone with people and sell a single thing to them.  

We simply know this “little trick” on how to put products in front of people who have their credit cards out and are simply looking to purchase without any convincing needed. We know a loophole on how to find products we can sell on a marketplace where people are shopping (Amazon.com) and not have to buy the product until after it sells.  

Let me ask you a question… 

Do you have (or have you ever had) a desire to build a business? If so, you can use this same “crazy idea” me and my “new friends” have been using for over 5 years creating regular deposits into our (growing) bank accounts. 


Are you working at a dead-end job with little (to no) hope of future advancement? 

• Are you looking for a couple hundred (to a couple thousand) dollars per month extra to do things you can’t currently do?

• Are you a network marketer who struggles to recruit people into your business?

• Are you currently selling on Amazon and struggling to grow?

• Are you a marketing consultant who isn’t very good at selling to clients?

• Are you an introvert who simply doesn’t want to have to “hustle” 24/7 to make a few extra bucks?

• Are you a professional who is making a good income, but working 60+ hours a week with little time left for your family and friends?

• Do you want to have a business that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of if you’re working or not?

• Would you like a way to travel the world and see things that your unable to because you don’t have enough “vacation days”?

• Are you a die-hard entrepreneur who wants to find a way to build a cash flow so you can put it into more passion projects?

• Do you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex? (yes… money does help with that)

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should by my “crazy drop shipping idea”. You can find out all about it in my detailed education system called…  
Drop Ship Hacks 

How to Profit on the Multi-Billion Dollar Retail Industry and Not Have to Spend a Single Dime on Advertising or Products and Get Your Piece of the Pie (by Simply Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Products People Want to Buy) 
Listen: Years ago I used to be a commission sales person. I sold mortgages and only made money when I would sell someone (who was also being called by 20 other people). I would only get a few applications a day and most of them didn’t qualify.  

When they would qualify I would have to sell them these crazy high fees in order to write the mortgage and pay the company back for the “leads” they were providing me.  

That was a hard way to make a living.  

I had some other really bad jobs over the years, that had no real upside unless I wanted to sell equally terrible products (like mortgages).  

I was completely disillusioned with the “American Dream” where you go to school, get a job, and then pay bills for the rest of your life.  

Truth is I really didn’t want to work all that hard so I had to find something I could get some leverage on which is when I discovered my “crazy drop shipping” idea: which is the first time I ever made money without having to actually talk to another human being.  

There is no recruiting. There is no salesmanship. There is no marketing. There is nothing other than getting really good at finding “arbitrage” opportunities. (buying low, and selling high… kind of like the stock market) 

Here’s a 5-step process how it works: 
1. Find a product at one of our suppliers who will drop ship a product.

2. Look for that product to see if it’s on Amazon and what it’s selling for on Amazon.

3. List yourself as a seller of that product if there is a “margin” on it.. i.e. – can we buy it for less than it’s selling for on Amazon? If yes, you list it for sale

4. When someone buys it from your store, you then go online to your suppliers website and place the order and they ship it to our customer.

5. You keep the profit.
This “crazy idea” is what I’ve been using for 5 years now. And there are tens of millions of products to do this with. 

The best thing? It costs absolutely nothing at all to list a product for sale and we do not have to pre-purchase inventory. So theoretically you can offer millions of products for sale and when one of them sells, you just process the order and the supplier ships it to our customer.  

As of today, I currently do 128 orders per day. After everything is said and done my store brings in $1204.47 per day in gross profits (a far cry from the unemployment days). That means every single time a product sells I earn $9.34… and this happens multiple times per hour every hour of the day… every single day! 

By the way, I’m not alone in this. My “new friends” collectively are processing 6,064 orders per day. So, when we put that into perspective I do only 2% of the total orders per day out of all the people I’ve shared this “crazy idea” with. The opportunity is enormous. 

We’re playing in a big sandbox and there is plenty of room for all of us. In the last 4 years E-commerce sales have doubled, and in the next 4 years it’s projected to double again. (Worldwide it’s a Trillion-dollar industry) 


Ok, I didn’t mean to yell, but I just wanted to get that point across. You no longer have the excuse of not having enough money to do this. Fair? 

Collectively we sell a little bit over 100 million dollars per year, and the market size (on Amazon in the United States) is 258 billion…. So, we are doing .03% of all the sales happening on Amazon. This is still life changing money for myself and my “new friends”. 

What’s crazy about this is there is still a ton of room for growth and I want to invite you to participate in this opportunity.  

Here’s my offer to you. I’ve put together a step-by-step training system that will teach you: 
Section 1: How to Get Your Business Setup (the Right and Legal) Way So You Can Open Your Store and Start Making Sales as Quickly as Possible! 
Most small business owners fail because they don’t plan things. I’m going to show you the right way of setting up a business which will in the long run help you keep more of the money you earn. Additionally setting up your business this way will save you tons of money on your personal income taxes. 
Section 2: Learn the Rules of The Game 
Amazons marketplace is an amazing opportunity, but there are rules to play the game. In this section I’m going to do a deep dive into how to play the game at a high level and stay in the good graces of Amazon so you can sell, and make money for as long as they make this opportunity available for us. 
Section 3: How to Set Yourself up For Success and Eliminate Your Risks of Selling Products at a Loss 
I’ve got products that make several hundred dollars in profit every time they sell… I’m going to show you how to price your products so you can maximize your profits (and chances of making the sale). 
Section 4: How to Sourcing Like a Champion
and Make Big Profits 
Here is where I’m going to show you exactly how to find profitable products to sell. I’m going to reveal my best sources of products that are proven to love drop shipping (with less competition) and show you how to create a system that allows you to find products that can make you hundreds of dollars every time they sell. 
Section 5: How to Process Your Sales
and Get Paid 
In business you must know your numbers in order to be successful. In this section I’ll show you how to stay organized with all your sales and know exactly (to the penny) how much money you’re actually making on every single sale (so you know how much is being added into your bank account at the end of the month).  
Section 6: How to Get Other People to Pay for You to Buy Your Products, Get Them To Pay For Your Vacations, and Pay You Up to 10% Extra on Every Single Sale You Make 
You can literally do this business without ever having to use a single dollar of your own money. In this section I’m going to teach you the very best way to stack your cash and get paid to shop. I’ll show you the best credit cards to use for this business that will pay you massive amounts of points or cash in return for letting them fund your business.  

Well, that’s it. You’ve just read a complete description of the cash generating secrets (and money hacking tips) you will learn when you dig into my course. This info has been used to generate hundreds of millions of dollars by myself and my “new friends” who have consulted with me or else have paid up to $15,000 to work with me personally. However, you can now receive all of this incredibly information for only $20 a month. There are no long-term commitments or obligations. You can cancel at any-time if you don’t feel there is value. 

Is that a lot of money? No, not really. I want you to think of everything you spend $20 on. 
  •  If you go out to lunch 2 times per week, you’re spending more than $20. 
  •  If you go to Starbucks before work, you’re spending way more than $20 over the course of a month.
  •  That Netflix subscription is $14.99 (if you have the Ultra High Def) and what if you were to turn the time you spend watching Netflix into working on your business?
  •  A “decent” bottle of wine is $15. A case of beer (which isn’t that good for your health anyways)
  •  Happy hour after work, while fun, if you go a few times in a month you’ll end up spending way more than $20.
  •  Do you love Pizza? I know I do. It’d delicious, however could you sacrifice one pie to learn how to earn hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per month? 
My point is, I know when I was starting I didn’t have a lot of money to invest into courses and thankfully I found something that was within my budget. And I promise you, $1250 per month doesn’t really go anywhere, however the alternative for me was just not what I wanted out of my life. So, if I could find a way to scrape $20 together, there is no excuse (outside of this just doesn’t interest you) for you not to get started on this journey today! 
Let me make one last (ethical) bribe. 

Should you make the decision to get started today, I’ll also add you to my private Facebook group of clients who are currently in this business. Our culture is one of sharing. As a new person you’ll be able to get around other people who are currently in the business and willing to share with you should you get stuck. 

In addition to this, I personally do a live training every single week where you can come on LIVE with me and ask me anything at all about your business. Nothing at all is off limits. 

I’ve charged up to $15,000 for personal coaching, so this will be an opportunity for you to get personal coaching directly from me once a week.  

I’ll even take this one step further… 

I’ll give you a one-year money back guarantee. If you invest into this course, and on day 364 out of 365 you want your money back, simply message my support team and we’ll be happy to refund it to you. Trust me, my end game isn’t to get your $20…. My goal is for you to be wildly successful and I want to take any reason possible away from you not taking a look.  

The payoff for me, is when you become the next million-dollar business owner and you send me a personal message thanking me for helping change the trajectory of your life.  

Well, there you have it… if you’re ready to get started today and start stacking your cash simply click the button below and you will have access within the next 2 minutes. 

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! 

See you on the inside. 


Jason O’Neil 

DISCLAIMER: While we stand behind our solutions, we cannot guarantee any type of results. Many people succeed while others fail to succeed so your success is strictly going to be determined by your ability to execute on operating a business. We will show you what works for us, but we have been in business for several years now and have learned a lot along the way. You simply cannot replace the learning curve, although we attempt to shorten it for you. If you're not willing to accept that there is no guarantee of your success, then PLEASE DO NOT MOVE FORWARD.
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